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The North Valley Inter-Municipal Organization (NVIMO) was established in June 2011 with the desire to co-operate on region wide initiatives to enhance local capacity, sustainable development and economic opportunities.

It is comprised of rural and small urban municipalities north of the Qu’Appelle Valley in Southern Saskatchewan with common transportation corridors of Highways 6, 20, 22 and 35.

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Our Vision Statement


“We are an organized group of rural and urban municipalities working together for a safe, prosperous, and thriving region.

We co-operate on common issues and inspire optimism through community engagement, fostering new opportunities in our region”


Group Profile

An interest in inter-municipal cooperation sparked the R.M. of Cupar #218 to seek the assistance of MCDP in organizing neighbouring municipalities.

The addition of the Rural Municipalities of Lipton No. 217, McKillop No. 220, Kellross No. 247, and Touchwood No. 248; the towns of Southey and Cupar; and the villages of Markinch and Lipton form the current NVIMO group.

The group quickly found common ground, and was able to envision the region they hoped to inspire.

NVIMO has worked hard to solidify their group structure in a Memorandum of Understanding, set out their strategic plans in a Community Action Plan, and organize their communication with the development of a Communication Plan.

NVIMO continues to meet on the third Monday of each month to share experiences and discuss municipal priorities outlined in their Community Action Plan.

Some of the major priority areas for NVIMO are:

  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Land Use Planning
  • Regional Cooperation
  • Economic Development
  • Shared Municipal Services

Contact Information


For more information on the North Valley Inter-Municipal Organization please contact the NVIMO Secretary Edith Goddard, preferably by email.
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PO Box 10, Leross, Sk S0A 2C0
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